Spore property value will not suffer from RTS Link JB-Spore

Singaporeans who are drawn by lower costs of goods, services and travel, head across the Causeway, to Johor Bahru – the capital city of Johor state – and other areas of Malaysia.

Malaysians that commute here frequently also work in other parts of the country. The Woodlands and Tuas checks points are notorious for their massive jams.

There is, however, an upcoming game changer: the Johor Bahru Singapore Rapid Transit System link.

At the end-2023, the RTS Link four-carriage – a cross-border rail service of 4km – that connects Woodlands North MRT station (Singapore) and Bukitchagar station (Johor Bahru) was 65 percent complete. It is estimated that it will start operating by December 2026.

The RTS Link will serve approximately 10,000 people per annum in each direction. The journey is estimated to take five minutes.

Passengers only need to clear immigration when they depart, since the immigration facilities from Singapore and Malaysia have been co-located in both stations.

In summary, the journey between Singapore Johor Bahru is likely to become easier.

When travelling via the RTS Link, will Singapore properties suffer because many people prefer to live in Johor Bahru, where they can work and have fun?

Singapore businesses or individuals can make huge savings when they purchase real estate in Johor, whether it is for offices, warehouses industrial facilities homes, and healthcare facilities.

RTS Link won’t affect the value or demand of Singapore Real Estate.

First, better connectivity between Singapore and Johor Bahru will help attract businesses that want to expand or start up in Singapore.

An organization may want to accommodate employees in Singapore and Johor Bahru. With its much higher rental, the office space located in Singapore allows a business staff to be in the heart of an international business and finance centre.

Johor Bahru provides a more affordable office space, and it is accessible from Singapore. The Johor Bahru facility can serve as an office backup for disaster recovery or to provide support and training.

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Singapore has a busy port, airport and many warehouses. Johor is also a cheaper and more abundant location for industrial facilities.

Johor Singapore Special Economic Zone will increase the value of a Singapore-Johor combined offering for businesses if it becomes a real thing soon. The JS-SEZ has the potential to increase cross-border investment, and improve flows of goods.

Second, easy connectivity could be beneficial for the tourism, meetings, incentives and conferences (MICE) sector here.

Singapore and Johor bahru combined can serve as a potential draw for more tourists.

RTS link allows some tourists to stay in Johor Bahru for a day and visit Singapore. Such day-trippers might patronise Singapore malls.

The sale of Singapore and Johor Bahru combined can help to boost Singapore’s attraction for tourists, in general, as well Mice.

Singapore and Johor bahru offer a variety of activities that may encourage tourists to stay longer. Visitors can choose between different types of accommodation in Singapore, Johor and Johor-Bahru according to their preferences and budget.

Mice-related activities can also benefit from the collaboration between Singapore and Johor. The increased choice of venues as well as accommodation is a great way to compete against other countries.

Thirdly, the economic benefits from closer Singapore to Johor Bahru connectivity may outweigh losses in Singapore homes from Singaporeans who stay in Johor Bahru and enjoy the lower living cost there.

When the RTS Link is fully operational, it may make living in Johor Bhru a more viable choice for Singapore residents. The children may find it convenient to attend Singaporean schools while living in Johor Bahru. Johor bahru could be the perfect place to live for people who alternate between working from home and a physical workplace.

Singaporean retired people may particularly enjoy the lifestyle in Johor Bahru. Renting out your Singapore home would allow one to enjoy easy access back to Singapore.

Singapore’s business could become more dynamic if it had a better connection to Johor. Singapore’s economy could benefit from a reduction in high business costs.

Providing more housing options for those who wish to live in Singapore or Johor Bayru is a great way to attract knowledge workers. Singapore may appeal to many workers despite its high costs, because it is vibrant, multicultural and has great public spaces.



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